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Why choose Heritage Candles LLC?

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What makes soy wax so different?  

   Soy wax is 100% natural, meaning there are no chemicals added to it.  This is just one way soy wax is better than its paraffin wax counterpart.  Paraffin wax is made in part with petroleum products; this is what the gasoline you put in your car is made from. The soy wax Heritage Candles LLC uses in its candles is grown, processed, and packaged right here in the United States. Using soy wax is the biggest way Heritage Candles LLC is able to eliminate a number of chemicals found in traditional paraffin wax candles. 

What are phthalates?

   Heritage Candles is dedicated to using fragrance oils that are free from phthalates, but what is a phthalate and what's the harm?  A phthalate is a chemical found in many products, from spices to lipstick to plastics.  Phthalates have been linked in various studies to health issues such as migraines, asthma, autism spectrum disorders, and cancer, which is why Heritage Candles LLC will never use an ingredient containing phthalates when making their candles.  It's just not necessary to obtaining a great smelling candle, and the harm they pose is too great a risk.  Here is a link to a site if you'd like to learn more about phthalates:

Dye-Free and Other Perks

   Cutting out dyes from the candles is just one more way Heritage Candles LLC is committed to limiting the number of chemicals in their candles.  The clean look of soy wax is beautiful, classic and matches any home decor, allowing the scent of the candle to take center stage.  

   Heritage Candles LLC uses fragrance oils that have natural essential oils in their composition.  Any natural scent (lavender, cedar wood, etc.) found in the candles comes from an essential oil, further boosting their appeal.

Can I recycle my glass jar once my candle is finished?

   Yes!  We encourage everyone to clean out the jars and recycle them in any recycle center that accepts glass.  Once your candle gets down to the bottom 1/4 to 1/2 inch of wax, allow the wax to completely melt and pour the warm wax into a garbage receptacle (note: hot wax will melt garbage bags! Make sure you have something like paper towels or other garbage in the receptacle before pouring hot wax into it).  Once you've poured all the wax out, wipe out the jar with a paper towel and recycle the jar.  

   Did you wait too long to recycle your jar and now the wax has cooled but the wick will no longer light? No problem! Turn your oven on its lowest temperature setting and set the jar inside.  Keep a close eye on your jar because it won't take long for the wax to melt.  Once the entire pool has melted, complete the steps listed above.

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