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The Bookworm scented candle, balanced atop a stack of books.

Sort through our selection of hand poured, dye-free, soy candles here at Heritage Candles LLC.

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New Blind Date with a Bookish Candle Waitlist

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Mackenzie lighting a Rowan Whitethorn candle in her home library.


Who We Are

Heritage Candles LLC started in a one bedroom apartment in San Antonio, Texas in 2015 when we made our very first candle. It was love at first sniff. Since then, we've continued to develop our skill in candle making across several states.  As a military family, we know the importance of making each new place we move feel like home. No matter where we live, each place instantly becomes home when we light our favorite candles. That's what we hope to do for you as well: make your house your home.

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